Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Afterschool Homeschooling: Pet Theme

A long time I used to write about the weekly activities that I'd do with my then littlest child
I titled them "Toddlertivities."  Well, Caleb is in Kindergarten now, but we still do lots of activities and themes at home when we can to go along with what he's learning in school.

Occasionally,  I do activities for the older ones too.  So now, we're just going to call it "afterschool Homeschooling."  If you don't know, I kind of a closet homeschooler. Lol

So one of the recent themes we've done is pets.  I picked this theme myself as the kids were returning to school and reviewing.   Here's some of the activities we did.

We read some different books about possible  pets and how we take care of them. We also sorted who could be a pet.  I know this answer varies depending on who you ask. We also did some writing and stamping of some different pets.

Then one day as I was reorganizing the bookcase, I decided to turn the bookcase into a pet store/adoption center.   Since we were practicing counting quarters, some of the animals cost different quarter amounts for him to count out.    I also pretended to be the guest at the store and would tell him the type of pet I was looking for.  For example,  I'd say I wanted a pet that was quiet, kind of small, and I didn't have to do much to take care of it.

On the weekend, we watched "The Secret Life of Pets" and had "doggy bags" filled with hot dogs, fries, chips, and fruit snacks.  I also had Caleb draw a picture of a pet that he would like and write about it.  

Horses say nay.  Horses get exercise. 

To include the older two, I had Cate write me a persuasive argument on why she should have a pet.  This topic of conversation stays flowing up in here. Lol.  Then, I had AJ pick a pet and research how much it would probably cost us to have one.

Our trips to the animal shelter and pet store were canceled due to rain, but I think it was still a good week.