Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fellow Couponers - A Few Deals This Week

If you have hung in here over the years through my various cell phone and technology trials, you might remember that I am couponer.  I did manage to have a decent stockpile while I was pregnant to keep from buying anything.  However, it is looking kind of pitiful.  So I'm back it!

Here are a few deals that I've scored this week.  All of these coupons are from the p&g insert from the 7/3 Sunday paper.

At Walmart:

You can get pods for $1.47 a bag this week!  The febreeze are 12 count, but some of the other bags are 16 count.


Mouthwash for 4.79
Use (1) 1.50 off coupon
Pay 3.29 tax
Get $3 back in extra care bucks
Limit 2 deals per card

Deal #3 - Tampax pearl and Always Infinity
Sale 3.99 each
Use (4) $2 off tampax coupons
Use (4) $2 off always coupons
I also used $6 in extra care bucks
Paid 9.92 2.23 tax = 12.15
Get back $10 in extra care bucks
So about 2.15 for 8 boxes or about 27 cent a box!!

Hope you enjoyed these deals!  Here's to saving money and breaking the chains of financial bondage!