Monday, August 4, 2014

The "We Need To Take The Kids Somewhere Because School Starts Friday" Trip

Last Friday,  August 1 school started for us. It had rolled around incredibly fast. So fast that we realized summer was about over for us. Yet, we hadn't really taken the kids anywhere for the summer. Partly due to that early injury from the car accident that couldn't have come at a worse time, the day before the last day of school. The other parts come from Andre working a lot and from church schedules.

So for the last two weekends prior to the start of school, we decided to forgo everything and take the kids off. I admit skipping church made me feel very guilty. However, we usually do everything asked of us so I said God might forgive us. Might.

The first weekend we took the kids to the beach. This was actually our first trip to the beach the whole summer and it's only like an hour away!  I don't think anyone was more excited than Caitlyn.  She was ready to whip and whirl in the waves.

It was a perfect day to go to the beach.  You know most of the time it's just tooooo hot.  The weather that day was just right- not too hot and not too cool.  We could have stayed there all day. Not to mention, I've been watching way to many house hunters episodes with couples searching for homes on the beach.  Oh, how I would love to do that! Soon.  I keep telling myself.  However, the house won't be on a beach.

These two tough guys decided to take themselves further out in the water and got "had" by a huge wave.

When it was time to go, of course the kids didn't want to leave.  Then all the "I wish we lived by the beach." songs started.  I joined in.  I'm like, "I know.  I know."  That would just be so nice!

Not sure when we'll make it back down that way, but hopefully it's soon.

We then decided to drive to Atlanta the next weekend. School shopping was one of our major goals for the trip. We were hoping to score some great deals at the outlet and we did. Aj needed an entire wardrobe because he's outgrown everything. The kid is a giant.   He literally survived summer in basketball shorts that his dad had outgrown. He swears he is taller than me but I'm just going to rebuke that. LOL!

Suprisingly, I didn't buy anything for myself once we got there.  Although, I really wanted this skirt.  I thought it was sooo cute...until I turned around and saw that those flowers were really in full bloom!  LOL.  Yeah,  we're back on this weight train again, primarily because I just decided to chill during the fall.  You know- on again off again every now and then workouts.

What is it about hotel beds?

We only stayed for a night in Atlanta.  We left home Saturday afternoon (because we're slowful) and came back home a little around midnight Monday morning.

Yall this booger is so spoiled I can barely tell you.  That sly grin comes after 15 minutes of crying because he wanted to stay up and wait for me to get in the bed.  He refused to lay down without me and as you can tell from the camera angle, I did.

Our first trip on that Sunday was a stop at Zoo Atlanta.  We bought an annual pass when we went for spring break because it was only like 20 dollars more.  That's for 2 adults and 4 children. 
The kids got feeding sticks for the birds.  I tell you that little area is kind of scary especially when all the birds silently decide to just swoop right over your heads.  The kids enjoyed the park and I actually think I may have lost 2lbs trying to walk all over it.  I was leaving Mr. Evans in the dust.

Our next stop was to our very first Braves game.  Aj and Cate actually didn't want to go at all.  I mean they would have to sit down and be still.  What was going to be fun about that?   They actually did enjoy the game, mostly the cotton candy and playing subway surfers on daddy's phone. 
We were going to let the kids run the bases after the game until we learned that the line was like two cities long. mam.  It was already late and we don't live up there.   We had a drive so we passed.  It was a nice trip.  We plan on going to another game one day soon.