Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fathe's Day 2014

I hope everyone had a great father's day weekend!

Andre wasn't home at the start of Father's Day. He went to a softball tournament that Saturday and came back Sunday early afternoon. We would have went but I thought the kids had choir practice (they didn't).  So we waited anxiously for him to get home.

Originally, we had planned to go out and eat and head to the water park, but then decided to stay home instead.  I honestly wasn't sure about all the long hours bending, lifting, standing and running behind a toddler. 

So when he finally got home, the kids proceeded to swarm him with all of their Father's Day cards and pictures that they had made for him.  Then it was on to my favorite part of the day - pictures.  Of course, I forced  asked  told everyone to get together so I could take a picture for Father's Day.  Did I mention I'm a wanna be photographer? There is usually an excess of 1200-2000 pictures on my phone (500 at the moment- I just put in a new card 2weeks ago)This is part of the reason, it doesn't always work like it should. Then, Christmas came and I needed a real camera, a month later I needed a tripod, now I need a spare room....

It was about 90 degrees outside. So despite those smiles, they were like "hurrrry uuuup."

Thanks for making our days so bright daddy! (Hence the shades) Yeah, I think I'm all creative.  They're lucky I waited too last minute to get my softball MVP picture idea together.

"Come on AJ!  Take our picture!"  You know since moms take all the pictures of everyone, we are hardly ever in any of the pictures.  Sadly, no one else in the house shares my love for photography..... among all my other strange addictions.

Afterwards, the kids decided to help me fix daddy a meal.  I'm not sure if Caleb was prepping dinner or trying to be dinner. I think he associated the flour with some of our sensory play activities.

Then while I cooked, they all took off to go fishing. Of course, this didn't actually mean daddy would get to do any fishing. Lol. He was just supervising the kids.


(I guess if we are going to hand down toys and such from Cate to Caleb, we could at least spray paint them. Then again, it's not like he cares. lol)

So we ended our little Father's Day night watching the game or better yet yelling at the tv and eating. Cate and Caleb had built a fort in the living room and fell asleep on the floor.  I decided to let them stay there.  Overall, I think it was a pretty great day or at least the kids had fun.