Friday, January 10, 2014

We Survived The First Week Back To School

I'm back!  I know it seems like I have completely abandoned my blog and I really felt kind of guilty about that.  I really couldn't decide what to blog about.  Due to all of our December emergencies, I have about 10 really late posts on my homemade Christmas gifts, kid crafts and so on that I never finished.  But anyway...

School started back for us on Monday and being that today is Friday, I can thankfully say we all made it through the week in one piece after the break.  I was honestly more worried that I would oversleep on the first day rather than the kids.  You know they were up at the crack of dawn every day over the break.  I made it clear to them that I didn't care how early they got up in the morning, I was NOT getting out of bed.  LOL.  I have to take advantage of these morning breaks. 

Aj was not ready to go to school at all.  Typical tween boy, I guess, but Cate has been talking about it for the past week. 

Tuesday it was really cold, but not as cold as I thought it would be.  I guess because we didn't get much wind. The kids were all excited just because it was "about freezing to death." 

After dropping the kids off, Caleb and I came home and made our very first YouTube video .  I've been daring myself to make one.  Now, do I know how to make videos?  Nope.  Did I make one anyway?   You bet I did.  Fear ye  I'd probably like to apologize in advance, though.  I'm also not suffering from Jaundice either.  (bad lamp lighting).  But a fair warning -  There will be more, hopefully less horrible.  My computer is acting crazy so I can't upload it here.  I have to drop it off to get fixed this weekend.  We seem to have a pop up ad problem.  Hate it.

I have been trying to skate through the week on my and Cate's hair.  I had twisted her hair the week before school and did a twist out on the Saturday before school started in hopes of washing it.  Well, that didn't happen.  It started out in pretty little twist outs but now they need help.  The both of ours.

Fresh twist outs

We made it to today!

Caleb and I have also managed to get back on some sort of routine.  This week we've been learning numbers, lines and which one is different in a line of objects.  This is a pretty frugal idea of saving bottle caps and using flashcards.  I used to save them in college for math manipulatives for when I graduated on a little to nothing income going into teaching. 

Just a dose sibling love.  Cate reading her reading story to Caleb.